Industrial Chemical Pumps in Shelby County

Drum Pumps in Shelby,

For transfering and dispensing fluids.

Shelby County Drum Pump Accessories

  • Liquid Level Control - The FTI Liquid Level Control is a pneumatic/mechanical device that will automatically turn the pump on and off as the liquid level changes
  • SPILLSTOP - Fully pneumatic system safely captures leaked product due to diaphragm failure and automatically shuts down failed pumps to eliminate costly product loss and prevent hazardous spills.
  • AODDampener - AODDampener is unique pulsation dampener manufactured from 316L stainless steel with PTFE backed diaphragm, has fully automatic air control and handles a wide variety of applications.
  • Cycle Counter - The FTI Air Cycle Counter is an electronic device that counts pump cycles by detecting the presence of the valve carrier. The cycle counter can be universally used on any new or existing FTI Air pump with the proper air valve components.
  • Filter/Regulator - Compact, integrated design saves space and reduces piping, includes dual scale psi/Bar gage. Filters incoming air to five microns. Regulator adjusts air pressure from 7.3 to 120 psi (.5 to 8.3 bar).
  • Pulsation Dampeners - Removes virtually all hydraulic shock while producing a near steady flow of fluid. Protect piping, valves and fittings from destructive pulsations and surges. Available in a wide range of materials of construction
Shelby County Drum Pump Accessories
Shelby County Small Centrifugal Pumps

Shelby County Small Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps' high flow rates and capacity to handle large volumes of fluid are two of their main advantages. Additionally, they have a fairly simple design that is simple to maintain. Applications for Centrifugal pumps include water treatment, irrigation, oil & gas production, and chemical processing. Centrifugal pumps come in a variety of designs, including axial, mixed, and radial flow pumps. Each type has its own distinct set of qualities and is created for particular applications.

Choosing the Correct Drum Pump in Shelby County

When selecting the ideal drum pump for a specific use, there are several factors that should be taken into account. These factors include:

  • Price: Establish your spending limit and select a pump that satisfies your requirements at a cost you are comfortable paying.
  • Safety considerations: Pick a pump that complies with applicable safety regulations and is suitable for the unique dangers prevalent in your application. Make sure the pump is explosion-proof, for instance, if you are transporting explosive liquids.
  • Power source: Choose a pump that will meet the demands of your application and the type of power source you have available.
  • Size and weight: Take into account the size and weight of both the pump and the drum or other container from which you will be transferring the liquid. Verify that the pump can fit inside the drum and is not too heavy to handle.
  • Volume and flow rate: Consider both the volume and flow rate of the liquid you need to move. Ensure that the drum pump you select has a flow rate that meets your requirements.
  • Compatibility with the medium being transferred: Different models of drum pumps are specifically designed to handle different types of liquids. It is crucial to select the pump that is compatible with the type of liquid you need transported, as some liquids or chemicals can be too abrasive or viscous to work with certain models.
Choosing the Correct Drum Pump in Shelby County
Shelby County Air-Operated Diaphragm Chemical Pump Designs & Their Advantages

Shelby County Air-Operated Diaphragm Chemical Pump Designs & Their Advantages

Fluid-handling devices that employ air pressure to transfer fluids include air operated diaphragm chemical pumps. They are available in several designs, including single- and double-diaphragm models, ball valve layouts, and nonmetallic wetted component setups. These pumps are adaptable and reasonably priced. They can tolerate caustic or abrasive fluids, have high flow rates, and can prime themselves.

They can be used even if the liquid levels change because they are self-priming and can run dry without causing damage. Additionally, they require relatively little maintenance and can deliver a constant flow rate. Last but not least, because these pumps are air-operated, they are simple to install and use a small amount of electricity.

Air-Operated Diaphragm Chemical Pumps are Durable, Reliable, and Easy to Maintain

These pumps can move a wide range of chemicals, both acidic and alkaline, reliably and with the least amount of maintenance. Because they are powered by air, they can be used in dangerous places because they can't explode and don't have any electrical parts. Air-Operated Diaphragm Chemical Pumps are long-lasting and reliable pieces of equipment that can be used for a long time in harsh conditions.

Not only do these pumps need little maintenance, but they also have a system of air valves that keeps the flow rate and pressure consistent. They work well to move a wide range of chemicals without the need for priming or lubrication. Air Operated Diaphragm Chemical Pumps are very easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for many chemical applications.

Shelby County Industrical Chemical Pumps

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